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"I just replaced my garage door with a new one and now I'm having trouble with one of the rollers. When I initially tried to get it running again, it sounded fine. Then the other day, when I went to lift it up, there was some squeaking and noise and now I'm having trouble with the garage door opening and closing." -Donna Fenno, York County, Pennsylvania

Yellow Max Garage Door Repair is an upscale service company which provides a free repair service for all kinds of garage door issues. Its technicians are trained professionals on all-things garage door repair and can help you immediately fix the most common problems with your old door as soon as possible. Their friendly service and low prices make them a great choice for any garage door issues. "If you are not having any problems with our garage door, we will come out and look at it right away. That way, we can find out the problem and give you an immediate solution." -Joe DiLorenzi, Yellow Max Garage Door Repair

If you have a steel garage door, it is especially important to maintain it to avoid premature rust and corrosion. However, there are other problems that can cause excessive damage to your garage door. In addition to just the normal wear and tear, your garage door can be damaged by heat, cold, wind, rain and even chemicals such as paint and oil. For these issues, Yellow Max Garage Door Repair can offer a rapid and effective solution. The technicians at this garage door repair service are very knowledgeable and skilled to ensure that your garage door repairs are done accurately and properly.

If your garage door uses a remote control opener, it is imperative to protect it. You can save hundreds of dollars in garage door repairs by purchasing an indoor/outdoor remote control system that can be placed inside your garage or out of it. With this new type of remote control, no one will be able to open your doors unless you want them to. These systems come with battery backup in the event of a power failure or in case of rain or other inclement weather conditions. And because they are battery-powered, even in the event of a storm, they will continue to work when your electricity is off.

When your garage doors need a repair, Yellow Max Garage Door Repair has the equipment and knowledge to help you. They have been serving the public for over 30 years and are one of the most trusted names in the garage door industry. The technicians at Yellow Max Garage Door Repair have a wide range of equipment to repair all kinds of garage doors. Their range of equipment includes: torsion springs, track jacks, roller tracks, door openers, overhead tracks, cables, motors, and more. They also offer total service and guarantee on all of their garage doors. Because of their extensive knowledge and experience, they are also the only garage door company accredited with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Garage Door Installation

If you have a garage door or garage entry way problem, don't delay. Find a reliable Yellow Max Garage Door Repair technician today. They will arrive fast, leave quickly, and fix whatever needs to be fixed. For home, business, school, or industrial use, Yellow Max garage door repair professionals are there when you need them.

Yellow Max Garage Door Repair
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Yellow Max Garage Door Repair

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Super fast response and repair . Came out within 2 days and replaced two springs quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend!

Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr

Came out quickly, explained work he would recommend for my automatic gate (sensor was installed in wrong spot so I had frequent problems closing the gate), didn't try to up  sell me in any way, and got the job done. I would definitely recommend North Highlands Garage Door Repair Now.

Lila stokinova, designer at nike

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Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr